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Feature Highlights

Enter Once; Populate Many

"Enter Once; Populate Many" means that information such as addresses and names can be auto filled in forms based on data you have already entered in other forms. This decreases the amount of time spent typing repetitive information.


Network Tracking

This feature can find possible related cases throughout the entire system. These matches are found based on full names, addresses, secondary parties, firearm, aircraft, vehicle, SSN, and employer details. The matches may then be used to identify trends in cases that may have otherwise been considered unrelated.


Consulting Requests

Cases may be reviewed by other colleagues via secured links. These links are only available for a set amount of time. This is a good way get an opinion about a case from someone who is out of the office or on the other side of the country. Consultants may only view case information; they have no access to make modifications.


Form Management

In MDI Log you start with a base set of forms that all cases contain for general information. The power of MDI Log is seen in the way you can add forms as you need them. The system supports multiple forms for medications, firearms, secondary parties, and many others. These forms can be added and removed as you see fit. Case reports only include the forms you have selected, which prevents wasting paper. The "add another" forms make it so you will never run out of item boxes again!


Media Uploads

MDI Log is a media rich environment supporting images, video, audio, and documents. Case media may be uploaded and reviewed anywhere you can access the internet. Audio uploads make it easy to save dictations to the case directly. Images and video uploads make it possible to capture each and every detail about the scene and make it available to others in your department.


Maps and Locations

Maps have been integrated into the case file, making it possible to map the scene, hospital, and other locations. You can use these locations to get directions or see if there is a relationship between these items.


Form Enhancements

We have added enhancements to forms making them easier to fill out and helping to reduce errors. This is accomplished by date pickers, spell checking, and other form enhancements. Jump into MDI Log and see what it has to offer!


Advanced Search

Seaching in MDI Log can be as simple or complicated as you want. With our search builder you can specify searches for any combination of items found in the forms. Search terms can be saved and modified, which eliminates repetitive work and saves time.


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